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Now, this might not be the most exciting post I've ever written, but I personally love buying new handwashes! (I know, I'm sad).
Ever since I moved into my new house I've developed a bit of a obsession with buying lovely handwash, I have a stockpile of about 5 of them at the moment because whenever I see them on offer I have to pick one (or three) up!
I found these Fruits hand washes in Wilko, they also make shower gels, body lotions and other things in the same scents but I definitely got most excited about the hand washes!

I love lime scents so I had to pick up the Lime & Ginger, but it disappointingly smells a bit too much like washing up liquid for my liking.
I used up all of a Orange & Pomelo (whatever that is) scent, that was gorgeous! And I've got a Strawberry & Pomegranate one to use next which is lovely, it smells a lot like The Body Shop strawberry scent.
I've also tried Rhubard & Vanilla and that was my favourite, it smelt exactly like the rhubard and custard boiled sweets I used to eat as a kid!

After you've washed your hands with these the scent really lingers, I can still smell it on my hands for ages afterwards!
They leave my hands feeling clean and soft, which is all you can ask for from a handwash.
I would say these handwashes are comparable to the Original Source ones, which are double the price!

These little gems are only 95p from Wilko, you can check out the whole range here.

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