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I've heard a lot about Milani blushes from UK and US bloggers, especially Luminoso, and when I found out they're available on the UK Amazon for less than a fiver I thought I'd give a few of them a go.

I tried out two mattes and two shimmers, so I could give both formulas a fair try.

Dolce Pink


Tea Rose

Delizioso Pink
 The pigmentation of these blushes is very good, you'd need a light hand to stop yourself looking like Coco the Clown.
I really, badly wanted to like these blushes but I've got to say, I'm quite disappointed! Luminoso is a bit too browny-orange for my skintone, and the shimmer is out of control in both this one and Dolce Pink! 
In both of them the shimmer is gold and quite chunky, so when the colour of the blush fades away throughout the day you're just left with glitter on your face, which isn't a look I've been happy with since I used to use roll-on body glitter when I was 11.

Dolce Pink suits me more than Luminoso, but neither of them are my go-to shade.

There's no such problem with the matte shades, but I still find them difficult to apply and blend, they leave me with a patchy look to my cheeks.

It's a shame that I didn't enjoy these blushes because so many people rave about them, but it just goes to show that no matter how popular a product is, your skin tone/type might not get along with them.

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  1. i've heard so many great things about these blushes so it's nice to read a different opinion, but a shame they just aren't working for you. Tea Rose is probably my fave out of the bunch x

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    1. Yeah I thought I'd put this out there because a lot of people do rave about them but it just goes to show that no matter how raved about the product is, it just might not work for you! But I'd definitely say give them a go if you can, they might work for you :) x


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