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 Dress - ASOS - link here | Shoes - Primark | Bag - Primark | Tights - Primark | Bracelets - Primark & H&M
*Don't mind the squinting in that last picture, the sun was in my eyes, I'd make a terrible model.
I went to the wedding reception of a friend the other weekend and thought I'd do an OOTD seen as I don't get properly dolled up very often, I'm more of a jeans and t-shirt sort of girl day-to-day.

I bought this dress from ASOS, I like to wear plunging necklines sometimes as I have quite....substantial lady lumps and this seemed plunging but in a classy way, in fact in these pictures you can't even see the revealing neckline!

It was a little bit on the low side though so I had to put a subtle little safety pin in the bottom of the V neckline, just to keep it classy! But I think if you had slightly smaller boobs than me then you'd find the neckline ok without the safety pin.

I think it was flattering on my figure, I tend to like dresses that skim my stomach because that's my problem area and I think this does that.
The fabric was really comfy and stretchy too, perfect for girls of the curvier variety!
I felt like the dress was a little bit too big for me, probably because of the forgiving, stretchy nature of the fabric, but it was nothing that put me off the look of the dress.

I really love the print too, as you can see I matched my lipstick and nail varnish to the coral flowers which I think tied the outfit together nicely!
I kept the rest of it pretty simple with black and tights and black pointed flats.
On top of all that, this dress was in the sale, can't get better than that!

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