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I hate all the words that describe my kind of body type, curvy, plus size etc, I find them patronising so I'm going to try and refrain from using those words in this post, we're all built differently and have different assets to each other so I don't see why we need to pigeonhole ourselves as these things, we're all women in all different shapes and sizes, let's get over it and just make the best of whatever we have I say.

Moving off my soapbox and onto the outfit, I like this type of dress for highlighting my favourite assets (let's be blunt, boobs, bum, legs) and detracting from the bits of myself that I'm not 100% confident with, arms and stomach for me.
This dress was an absolute bargain at only £10.50 (it's £12.50 at the moment but I applied a promo code to make it less), the fabric is really substantial and thick and looks way more expensive than it is!
I wore this dress for a mammoth 8 hour drinking session in Durham and it was really comfortable, not too warm for the hot weather and (this might be TMI but hey, we're all friends here) easy and quick to hitch up and down to go to the toilet in, which gets more and more important the drunker I get!

I wore my comfiest heels to give me some height, which became a mistake when I realised we had to make a 2 mile trek from the train station to the first bar, but luckily all the other girls were in the same boat as me so my misery had company! 

Here's a little bonus picture of some very intoxicated people, who I love very much.

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