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I've become a big fan of The Body Shop recently, I never used to shop there but since I've been upping my skincare game that's the only place I want to shop!

I've always thought their shower gels were gorgeous smelling and really lathered up well, but at £4.00 for 250ml I found them expensive, and I never spent enough at The Body Shop in those days to take advantage of the free shipping and 40% off deals I love so much now!

But now I'm buying all my skincare from The Body Shop I always throw a shower gel in with every order.

The satsuma scent has long been my favourite, it's so amazingly fruity and the smell lingers for so long on your skin.

Strawberry is one I hadn't tried before, and not a scent that I normally favour, but I've fallen in love with this one! 

Virgin Mojito is a new scent and I was super excited to try it because I love mojito smells, but I was disappointed because, as is usually the case with lime scented products, the other notes were overpowered by the lime so it just ended up smelling like washing up liquid to me.

I would love to try some other shower gels from The Body Shop, if you have any favourite scents them let me know!

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  1. Love the post! Satsuma has always been a favourite of mine, but recently the Virgin Mojito has taken over at 1st place! I love the scent of lime (one of my favourite fruits!), so maybe that is why!

    Ashley |


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