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I saw this little beauty on Tattooed Tealady's blog and, for the first time in a long time, I got excited about a subscription box!
The beauty boxes have long since lost their lustre for me, some of them are still great value but I find it hard to get excited about the concept anymore, but throw some wax melts in a box and ship them to my door and I'm like a kid on Christmas morning!!

I've heard a lot about Flamingo Candles but I've never tried anything from them, this box seemed a perfect chance to get 8 assorted wax melts for only £10 (which is a saving of £6.00 on the RRP of these melts) that I could try out.

I love the idea of getting surprise scents sent to me too, some of these melts aren't ones that I would have picked up given the choice, but I love all of them!
I thought there would be at least one dud among them that I'd be giving to my mam but there isn't.

The packaging is also super cute! I know, I know, looks don't matter, but in this instance they absolutely do!
It's a simple box design, but I really like it, it makes the brightly coloured melts really pop when you open the box!

With your first Melt Crowd box you also get a free wax burner, which I think is unbelievable value!
I got this cute cream and lime coloured one, which is perfect because I have quite a lot of lime in my house so it fits in like a dream.
If you don't know how to use these wax melts, you basically get your burner, unwrap your chosen wax melt and put it in the dish on top and then pop a tealight inside the burner, underneath the melt and hey presto! A lovely smelling house.

The melts are pretty big so I only used half of one in my burner, and the scent throw was great, Pomegranate Cider was the first one I tried and the smell filled the whole of the downstairs of my house!

Pomegranate Cider or Fresh Cotton are probably my favourites, they're crowd pleasers, I don't think anyone could dislike them.

For £10.00, including delivery (for UK customers), this box is amazing value, I haven't been this excited about a subscription box in a long time and I already can't wait to see what Septembers box brings!
To sign up for The Melt Crowd, click here.

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  1. I subscribed to the August box too & absolutely love the scent included, they smell amazing! I've been burning the Ginger & Lime one since I received it 2 days ago & it doesn't look like any of it has been used up, so I can see the scents lasting me ages too x

    Beauty with charm | Zoeva Giveaway

    1. Yeah I've been burning Pomegranate Cider for a while too and it's still kicking!! Great value :) x

  2. I really love the sound of this box, I keep meaning to order one and forgetting all about it... I'm going to have to get around to it soon! I love the sound of the Green Apples and Ginger & Lime melts :)

    Jess xo
    via #abeautyloverslinkup

    1. Definitely order one, I'm recommending it to everyone because I think it's such a great idea, great for a gift too! x

  3. I keep hearing about this box and am so tempted to try it. Pomegranate Cider sounds fantastic x

    1. IT IS <3 I'm in love with it, also burning Strawberries and Champagne now which is unreal too! x


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