7th Heaven Passion Peel Off Mask

Another peel off mask! I can't get enough of these, and this one is one of my favourites because it makes you look like Violet Beauregarde from Willy Wonka when you're wearing it (which is one of my favourite movies, Violet, you're turning violet Violet!).

It smells so fruity and strong so if you don't like heavily scented things then you won't like this, but I personally love it, it makes my skin tingle a little bit too which I'm always a big fan of, probably because the mask is made of pulped fruit so it's the fruit acid giving you that irresistible tingle factor!

7th Heaven don't test on animals as a brand and as far as I can tell from their website their products are vegetarian, but not vegan, but feel free to correct me on this!

This mask is suitable for normal/oily skin, but my skin is pretty dry and I didn't feel like it dried mine out at all.
If you have sensitive skin be on the careful side though because of those aforementioned fruit acids, do a little patch test somewhere inconspicuous to check this doesn't make your skin flare up.
7th Heaven Passion peel off mask is available online for £1.00 here.

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