Green Energy Organics | Wild Violets Eau de Toilette

The organic beauty site Millabaci contacted me recently and asked if I'd like to try out a couple of products from their website, I haven't tried many organic products so I thought I might as well give them a try and see how they perform!

The first item I picked out was this Green Energy Organics Eau de Toilette in the scent Harvest of Wild Violets, I love violet notes in perfumes so I thought a straight-up, completely violet perfume would make a nice change!

Firstly let's be vain and judge the looks of this product, I really like it!
I think it's subtle and simple, it looks in-keeping with the organic theme to me somehow.

The scent is straight up like sticking your face into a bunch of violets! I really like it, I sometimes find with these organic, floral fragrances that they don't last long but this one lingers really well on my skin, and even longer on my clothes. 

This is definitely a Summer fragrance, but this brand also do a vanilla scent which I think would be lovely for the colder months.

£13.95 for 50ml of product is really good, this will last me for a long time and I'm definitely going to check out the other scents, I think they'd made good gifts too because they look more expensive than they actually are.
You can find this scent, and plenty of others, on the Millabaci site, link here.

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