My Style Maven #2

The new series of Dr Who started yesterday so I thought it was a good time to put this particular girl crush of mine out there!
I used to be a big fan of Dr Who when David Tennant was the doctor but I have stopped watching it lately, but one thing that always catches my eye about the newer series of Dr Who is the lovely Jenna Coleman and all of her outfits!

She has a really simple, classic style which is SO my cup of tea, I love the dainty prints and small splashes of colour she injects into her outfits to stop the classic, neutral colours from looking boring and plain.

Her hairstyle and makeup are always on point too, got to love a fellow short-haired girl! 
If her sense of style is good enough to attract Prince Harry, then it's good enough for me! (are you proud that I resisted a Dr Who ''out of this world'' reference? Because I am...).

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