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Top - Primark | Jeans - H&M - link here | Shoes - Primark | Bag - Primark | Coat - Topshop - link here | Sunglasses - Primark | Watch - Olivia Burton - link here
I promise that, at some point, I will publish an outfit of the day post and NOT feature my Castiel/Inspector Gadget mac!
It's just so easy to throw on over an outfit and it goes with everything, especially with this pants Summer weather we're having, I've rarely been able to go out without a coat on!

90% of this outfit is Primark, hence my ''witty'' title, which I do apologise about because I know it's harder to find clothes in Primark that you see online because you have to go and hunt it out instore yourself. 

I love this top, I bought it recently so it should still be instores, it was only £8.00 and it's really nice, soft fabric and the fit is really flattering I think!
It has tighter sleeves and then a sort-of batwing style, and quite a high neck so I think it looks great with a necklace.
They had this top in other colours so I'd definitely be interested in picking some more up! I'm a sucker for finding clothes I like and then buying them in all the colours!

These jeans are a staple for me, I wear them all the time, they're a classic.
I love how these pointed, cobalt flats look with them too, adds a dressy edge to them.

I recently bought this taupe handbag from Primark and it's been a great investment! I love that the hardware is gold because I wear mostly gold jewellery, and the colour goes really well with my beloved mac, plus it's great for when I don't want to take a big bag somewhere with me.

This look is my go-to for everyday really, comfy but still classic.

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