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Long time no see!
Since we last spoke the UK has gone to war, the Labour Party has a new leader and Justin Bieber has released more bangers than a pyromaniac in a firework shop, how fast things move!

I wanted to have a little break from blogging because life got so hectic for a while but I'm back in business now, all because of the Golden Globes being held last night!

I love doing these best/worst dressed posts and they're usually some of my most viewed pages so you guys must like them too!

Amber Heard
There is something very ethereal about Amber Heard, she always looks to me like she's stepped off the pages of some sort of Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale.
This dress is very ''nymph running through the woods barefoot'', which would look absurd on me but this beauty manages to pull it off.

Michael B. Jordan
Not many men could pull off this low-cut-waistcoat-and-skinny-pants look but Michael definitely does! 
From head to toe this outfit is on point and suits his athletic body shape, he's even a contender for my best dressed of the night.
Anyone else super excited to go and see Creed when it comes out in the UK?
Side note, congratulations to Sly Stallone for winning a Golden Globe for this movie!

Helen Mirren
Who doesn't love Helen Mirren? 
This woman is 70 years old and looks incredible! She has a body that I, at 24 year old, am envious of and she's also a very clever woman and a great actress.

The neckline of this dress is super flattering and I love that she's kept the dress simple but then spiced it up with some serious bling!

Cate Blanchett
This dress hasn't been super popular with other people but I personally think it's beautiful!
Cate is never going to be a woman who'll rock upto the red carpet wearing a variation of the same dress she's worn for every red carpet (Sofia Vergara, I'm looking at you), she always tries something different and that's why she's one of my ultimate style crushes.
This dress might be slightly reminiscent of a 70's lampshade but this is one lampshade I'd be happy to have in my house.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum
The woman of the moment ever since she debuted on Lip Sync Battle with her husband Channing Tatum (one word, BEYONCE), Jenna must have felt some pressure to pull out a great look for the Golden Globes, and she didn't disappoint!
This is a woman who is consistently well dressed at these events, she has a great sense of style and this dress makes her look like a sexy, navy spiderweb, which is always my style goal.

Emilia Clarke
Emilia Clarke is a real up and coming style icon for me, she picks quite out-there choices sometimes but always makes them work.
It helps that she's so darn beautiful, but she has that ethereal look that I think makes some women stand out from the rest.
This gothic, OTT dress could easily be overkill and have drowned the person wearing it but she wears it with complete confidence and a big smile, which helps every outfit!

Rami Malek
I'm so happy to see Mr Robot having success at the awards, this show is my favourite TV discovery of last year and I can't WAIT for the next season to start.
Rami Malek is definitely an upcoming Hollywood star, he's unbelievable in Mr Robot, a very charismatic actor.
As well as that, he's also killing it sartorially as well! I love a navy suit on a man, it's a little bit different while still being classic.

Kate Bosworth
This dress definitely wins the award for the most eye catching dress of the night!
As soon as I scrolled past this picture I had to stop and go back and stare for a little while, I love how she keeps everything else in the look simple and the colour looks great against her alabaster skin.

A lot of people have commented on Kates weight saying she's too thin but I don't personally think she looks ill, she's always been a slim woman and I don't really think it's my place to tell her she needs to put some weight on, you do you Kate.

Kirsten Dunst
A bit of a blast from the past for me now, I haven't seen Kirsten on a red carpet for a long time and what a way to burst back onto the scene!
This dress could so easily look tacky but she makes it look classy and sexy by keeping it simple and clean.
Her skin looks beautiful and she has such an eye catching face, really uniquely beautiful.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
The ever-stunning Rosie doesn't disappoint!
Wearing her trademark gold she looks like some sort of shimmering goddess in this Versace gown.
Plus she had the best accessory of all of the starlets at the awards, Jason Statham and a massive engagement ring, #JEALOUS.

Those are all my picks for this years awards, I'll be following this up with a worst dressed post too which is always my favourite post out of the two to do, I get to release my inner Mean Girl...

Who is your best dressed for the awards? Let me know!

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