Golden Globes 2016 | Worst Dressed

I published my best dressed post the other day but now it's time for the really juicy stuff, the WORST dressed!
This years awards weren't rife with fashion no-no's, just a few compared to previous years, but still enough for us to get our teeth stuck into!

Katy Perry
I don't know if you've noticed, but Katy has rather large breasts.
I don't have a problem with women being proud of their lady lumps, or showing them off however they see fit, but why does Katy have to show off those lovely boobs in such a horrendous dress? And that's even before we get started on that Dolly Parton hair!

The first jarring thing about this dress is the colour, it is the exact same shade of pink as Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants, I like Patrick as much as the next person but he is far from my style icon.

Then the fabric, it looks like a very narrow and uncomfortable sleeping bag, and does nothing for support for those jubblies.

The final nail in her fashion coffin is that hair and makeup, it's very ageing and dated.
Katy is such a beautiful woman, I hate to see her making these fashion mistakes again and again, I feel like she really needs to learn what works for her body and what doesn't.

Kate Hudson
This is Coyote Ugly meets red carpet, I've never seen a gown that's in three separate pieces before and I hope I never do again.
I understand that Kate is proud of her body and so she should be, it's a wonderful one, but there's a fine line between sexy and slutty, and unfortunately I feel like Kate has fallen into the latter territory.

This would have been vastly improved if she'd lost the choker and it had just been a normal strapless dress, I appreciate fashion risks but this one didn't pay off.

Wiz Khalifa
What. The. Hell.
Does he know his trousers are meant for an 11 year old? Is this intentional? Why is his tie not done up properly?
The main one being why does he look so pleased with himself? Clearly he hasn't passed a mirror lately.

Eva Longoria
Eva is a beautiful, ageless lady, no doubt, and this dress is far from a complete disaster but I feel like it does the dreaded thing that us women don't want any piece of clothing to do, it adds inches to her hips.
She's a lovely, curvaceous woman but this dress makes her look really flat on top and bigger on the bottom.
Other than that her hair and makeup look impeccable as usual.

And that's it! The celebs have been on their A game so far this awards season, which is just no fun for us spectators!

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