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 Jumper - H&M - Not available anymore | Leather look leggings - H&M - link here | Handbag - ASOS - Sold out | Trainers - Vans - link here | Sunglasses - Ebay - link here
This is definitely my kind of outfit, it might not be the most flattering for my body shape but it's what I feel comfortable in, something a bit tomboy-ish but still stylish and most importantly, comfortable!

I do like a slightly boyish style but I think the leather-look leggings add a more feminine touch and the sunglasses add a pop of colour, but I like to limit the colour in my outfits, I'm more of a monochrome girl!

This jumper is so lovely, it's really baggy and soft and I love it for just throwing on, I think it gives an effortless chic look, although some of you might think it looks more like a tent!

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