The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Clay Mask

 I love a good face mask, and the more hideous and alien-like they make you look once you've put them on, the better! 
This one makes you look like a giant walking bogey (an interesting image I'm sure you'll agree), I'll include a picture at the end of this review so consider this your warning, if you have a nervous disposition I recommend switching off now...

Tea tree is something I never used to get along with but lately I've really jumped on the bandwagon, I think it's helped my skin no end and I love the way it tingles when you use it, it makes my skin feel super clean.

This mask dries pretty hard on the face and you will definitely have to wash the flannel you use to take it off with straight away because it's bright green!

When it's on your face it feels really tingly and fresh, if you have sensitive skin then I'd recommend doing a patch test on a small part of your face before using it all over.

After you remove this mask it leaves your skin feeling really lovely and fresh, I'd say this is more of a daytime mask for me rather than a nighttime one, just because of the scent and the feeling it gives your skin.

The packaging of this product has now changed a little bit, but it's still in a pot so I'd recommend using a small foundation brush to apply it, makes it a lot easier than just scooping it out with your fingers and you will use a lot less.

You can buy this mask instore or online, link here, for £11.00.
BOO! I warned you.

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